How To Register

Joining the best online sportsbook website in Malaysia is quite simple. Just follow these steps and you are ready to go. First thing to do is to go to the site using your browser, any browser works but for best experience we recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox, then click LOG IN, you will be redirected to another page.

On this website just simply click JOIN NOW that you can see highlighted in red color. Once you click this it will redirect you to the registration form.

You will see this registration form after you click JOIN NOW. What you need to do now is to follow the simple steps in registration below.

Follow these simple step-by-step registration process:

Note: The ones with asterisk symbol (*) are required fields.

  1. Enter your desired username. Choose a username that is unique and something flashy if you like to. Everyone in QQ188 have a nice username.
  2. Fill in your password. For better security we recommend that your password must contain at least 3 numbers, a capital letter and a symbol. This is to make sure that your accounts are safe and secured.
  3. Fill in your correct phone number. This is important if you want to reset your password easier. It is also used in some of our promotions, so make sure that it is correct and active.
  4. Choose your currency and where to deposit them. Just select from the dropdown selection box whether it is MYR or other currencies and select where you want to deposit them, it can be on your main wallet, c-sports, i-sports, or o-sports etc…
  5. Bank details. Last and not least, the most important part is the withdrawal and deposit transactions. If you want to easily make withdrawal transaction you must have entered your correct bank details. After that you are ready to go, before you click the submit button you will see 2 check-boxes, one is for promotion offers (which is optional) and the other one is the terms and conditions. Check the terms and conditions box and click submit.