free hit counter Sports Betting did not escape from Soccer Matches

Sports Betting did not escape from Soccer Matches

Soccer is one of the most popular game around the world. Many people loves to watch soccer games that’s why sports betting did not escape from soccer matches. If you are interested in this game, you have to know what is the essence and meaning of this game and what are the basic rules and regulations of this game.

Some basic rules of soccer game

The game is played with two teams having eleven players on both sides. It is played on a large grass field with a goal at each end. The main object of this game is to get the soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal. Players can’t touch the ball with their hands, only the goal keeper is allowed to touch the ball.

Sports Betting did not escape from Soccer Matches

Players use their chest, feet or knee to kick the ball and they can also use their head to get the ball to the goal of their opponents. A single match of this game is played in two 45 minute halves. If the soccer ball touches the side line, it is thrown back in by the team who was not the last to touch the ball. This game is controlled by two linesmen and central referee. The word of the referee is the law of the game. If you questions the decision of the referee, he can discipline you.

The assistant referees are responsible for assisting the referee. They are the ones who is signaling with flag there’s a player who committed a foul, when the ball goes of play, and when a player is in an offensive position. The player may be sent off when he commits a bad foul or continuing on breaking the rules. Usually, it happens when a player is tripping or pushing his opponent inside the penalty area. They give free kicks and penalty kicks.

These free and penalty kicks can be awarded when a player kicks or attempts to kick an opponent, jumps at an opponent, charges an opponent, strikes or attempts to strike an opponent, pushes an opponent, holding an opponent, spits at an opponent and handles the ball deliberately. Yellow cards serves as a warning to a player while red cards are used to send a player off the game.

Sports Betting did not escape from Soccer Matches

Sports Betting did not escape from Soccer Matches

Term in online sportsbook game

Once you enter the world of online betting, there are a lot of betting terms you have to understand and master. You have to be familiar to those terms for you to feel comfortable while betting on a certain sports game. You should spend some of your time familiarizing these terms so it will be much easier for you to deal with you bets and this will give you some knowledge. These are some of the common terms used on betting in a soccer match.

Match Odds

Match odds or 1×2 bet is one of the most common to understand the cost of a bet for a bettor. For example, if you staked a $10 on Real Madrid to win at odds of 4.250, you would win $42.50. Therefore, your profit would be $32.50. If the result ended in defeat or draw for Real Madrid, there is no win for you. When you are already familiar with 1×2 betting, the next one is understanding the value of 1×2 odds.

Over / Under (OU) and Total Goal (TG)

Over/under and total goal odds or total betting is getting popular. This is a two way option. In a soccer match, it is 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc. You have to find the average number of goals per game. This is a better statistical figure to find on the internet. To give you an idea, Manchester United has an average of 2.3, Liverpool has 3.2, and Olympique Lyonnais Has 2.8. The best place to start is by finding who has the most goals per game. The total goals is a very simple way to predict which team will win a match.

Next Goal

Next goal is a powerful way to calculate the probability of one or more goals to be scored during a match by the use of a database of football data filter. Next goal allows the bettor to bet during the game on which team will score the next goal.

Correct Score

Correct score betting is one of the most popular bets in soccer game. It is also one of the hardest predictions but when it’s done right, you’ll get a high reward. Correct score is betting on what will be the score in a single match. You can bet from 0-0 score upwards.

Half time score (HT Score)

Half-time bet of score at halftime is giving a forecast on an event at half time of the total time of a certain game. This is also called Half Time Result or Third. The example of this is when you put a bet of $10 on Real Madrid – Barcelona soccer match with a draw score at a half  time. At half time, the score is a draw. You’ll get $10 x 2.20 = $22.

Half time / Full time

Half time / full time is a bet which is on the result of the match. You should correctly predict the outcome of the match at half time and correctly predict the final result of the match. This bets are popular because of their usual high odds.

First Goal Odds (FGO)

First goal odds is a bet which you have to choose who you think will score the first goal. It is by selecting the player you think will score first. Any first goal scorer bet has actions and there are no refunds if a player is unable to play in the match. Because it takes time to score in soccer, first goal is the very important in this type of game. It is easier to predict what will be the result of the match when a first goal has been scored.

Asian Handicap (AH)

Asian handicap betting is a type of betting where the result has been eliminated. There are two betting options in this form of betting which are betting on home or away. There is a 50% chance of succeeding this kind of betting. It offers the underdog of the match an early lead before the actual game.


These are the sports betting terms you should have to be familiarized in order for you to enjoy and have an easier betting experience on this kind of industry. I think these terms will help you a lot. It is important if you are knowledgeable enough with these terminologies. It’s an advantage for you when you are in a sports betting game

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